25 January 2015

Daniele Nardi and Elisabeth Revol with Tomek Mackiewicz split

Elisabeth Revol and Tomek Mackiewicz left the project of Daniele Nardi “Nanga Parbat 2015”

The decision to break the expedition in two, one composed by Daniele Nardi and Roberto Delle Monache and another one composed by Elisabeth Revol and Tomek Mackiewicz, depends on the choice of Elisabeth and Tomek to start the climb towards the summit autonomously. This has been done without any notice and without keeping contact with the Base Camp and the rest of the team. The project “Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition 2015” undergo a change.

The two climbing partners Elisabeth Revol and Tomek Mackiewicz, without communicating to Daniele Nardi and the rest of the team have decided to have an attempt to reach the Nanga Parbat summit.

A behavior that clearly collides with the initial plan of tackling the summit as a team, through the Mummery cliff and towards the summit all together.

Elisabeth and Tomek left the Base Camp seven days ago (January the 8th) without communicating their intentions and without giving any news to Daniele or local guide and agent of “Alpine Adventure Guides Pakistan” Ali Muhammed. Given the decision of Elisabeth Revol and Tomek Mackiewicz to tackle the summit autonomously, the team leader, Daniele Nardi, has been obliged to send them a message via the Thuraya telephone where he is acknowledging the fact that the two alpinists have abandoned the project. Daniele together with his team and the logistic support at the Base Camp, remains nevertheless ready to act in the case of any emergency.

This is a decision full of sense of responsibility and moral value since Elisabeth and Tomek have refused on purpose the radio making available from Ali and from the “Expedition”. The fact that they refused the radio does not allow the Base Camp to know their position and their health. The project “Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition 2015” of Daniele Nardi will keep going head anyhow together with Roberto Delle Monache.

In the following the message sent by Daniele Nardi to Elisabeth Revol and Tomek Mackiewicz yesterday (14/01/2015) at 17.42 (Italian time). “Dear Elisabeth and Tomek, I note from your internet communication that you have decided to attempt the summit independently from the expedition organized and led by “Daniele Nardi”. I will consider your summit attempt external to the project also if this project led us to participate to the expedition “Nanga Parbat Winter Expedition2015″, by me promoted, organized and guided. However, animated by sens of responsibility and alpinist moral value, I will do all my best giving you all logistics arrangement for any emergency. The fact that you have refused the radio from Ali and from the “Expedition” do not let us know about your position and your healthy. Confident that you will choose for the best, I give you my best wishes for attempting the summit, we support you. Daniele Nardi.”

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